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January 12th – Night walk in Paris

It was a great pleasure for me to see Sharon again since her last visit to Paris was nine years ago.

The two of us met in Central Queensland, Australia in 1985, when I was doing an internship at the Lochmead farm close to the town of Emerald in the Central Highlands. I was working on the farm during weekdays and spent weekends with her and her friends in the town. It was a lot of fun and a nice way to discover this beautiful country and the wonderful people.

Sharon visited several European cities, including Paris, with her students from Westbourne Grammar School. For the students, this « summer trip » (during the beautiful European winter) is a chance to discover Europe and perform in front of international audiences in various world famous theaters.

During their visit to Paris, I organized for the students a night walk to discover the historical center of Paris. It is magical to walk at night, admiring the beauty of Paris and truly discovering the City of Light.

Starting at Bastille square, we walked through the Place des Vosges and onwards to Rue des Francs Bourgeois. Turning left, we entered the Jewish neighbourhood in Le Marais, smelling the oriental flavours of the many vibrant and bustling restaurants.

Rue des rosiers in Marais - Jewish neighbourhood

A view of the back of the Town Hall

Passing by the City Hall of Paris (Mairie de Paris) we crossed the Seine river to get on the first of two islands where Paris started to exist over 2,400 years ago. We also stopped at the Notre Dame cathedral for a group picture and a special shot of Sharon and I.

Right bank, before getting on the islands

Notre Dame de Paris and its Chrismas Tree

Nice to be together again....

This two hour walk was an opportunity for me to share my love for Paris with the students and also to share a few pearls of wisdom on several of the ‘new’ buildings that were completed between 400 and 900 years ago.

I hope the students will treasure this memory of this special time together and will one day return to enjoy and rediscover the City of Light again.

A picture of the group in front of Notre Dame de Paris

À bientôt.

greetings from Paris

And, see those additional pictures I’ve taken on my way back home :

Artist playing with the road sign

View of Montmartre from the bottom of the hill



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